Personal Life Update – Part II


God has really been teaching me not to fear what other people think and to step out and do what I believe I am hearing from Him. That doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to wisdom from people. It means that if I believe something, then I don’t just stop going after it because someone tells me something different.

One of those things is to pursue being an entrepreneur and starting my own film company. It’s who He’s created me to be. And I think I am a darn good entrepreneur. This is what I believe He’s been saying to me and that’s what I want to stand by. I’m loving finding out more and more of who God created me to be. Cause He only creates amazing things. So, you are amazing as well. Really amazing. Sometimes we just aren’t being who God created us to be. And that’s why it doesn’t seem amazing. It’s not what you do, but it’s who you are.

Here’s what God has spoken about me. It’s right above my desk. I usually need a reminder, because I’m not always being myself 🙂

I am a passionate man who inspires the people around me. I am called to counsel with wisdom and encourage people to be who they were created to be. I have hope even when no one else does. I will cause people to be filled with belief in the goodness of God. I am strong and lion-hearted. I am creative and a dreamer. I am called to bring my smile, humor, laughter, and fun. I am a servant of love and a loyal friend. I am someone who is genuine and makes people feel important and loved.

This is who I am. Who are you?


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