Personal Life Update – Part I

J-11Life is just crazy. Things can change in a moment. Really. In a few seconds.

That’s what God has been showing me about himself for the last year. He is the creator of the universe. He really can change whatever he wants to in whatever timing he wants to. And I personally believe that we can be a part of that by asking Him. And sometimes He just likes us so much that He does it even when we don’t ask.

So, I’m actually writing this from Wheaton, IL. Right next to Wheaton College. I moved out here just a week ago with a couple legit guys from church. You haven’t heard yet? You’re surprised? Yeah, me too. I was not planning this for very long. After being back home for two years after college and IHOP (International House of Prayer – not the pancake house, silly.) I thought I would still be there for at least 3-6 months if not longer.

A month or so ago I felt God asking me to take a step of faith. Being a freelance filmmaker I don’t ever really know how consistent my work will be for the month, so it’s hard for me to schedule and budget things. That was originally why I didn’t move out here a year ago. And so one day I got a call from my roommate, Micah, who asked me if I wanted to move in. Before that day I didn’t really have any plans of moving. But here I am. I made that decision in less than a week and am trusting that God will provide. There has not been a moment where He has not provided for me. And usually in these cases of stepping out it happens in amazing ways. I will keep you updated.


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