How To Be Full Of Joy And Overcome Temptation

I have one quick, simple solution to being full of joy and being able to overcome any temptation. Ready for it? It’s being thankful. Seriously, that’s it.

It’s so difficult to do when you are down and in a bad mood or just straight up feeling temptation for anything. We just don’t feel like doing it in those moments. But that’s exactly what will get us out of that place. I seriously just did it this morning, like 5 minutes ago… Hey! It really does work. I don’t feel like it, but I choose to do it. I don’t do it every time, but I’m beginning to do it more and more.

If I can’t think of anything by myself to be thankful for I ask God to give me something. Usually it has to do with friendships or relationships that I have. He sometimes brings up memories of good times I’ve had with people or times he’s come through for me. I also find myself thanking God for what he’s going to be doing in the future. Or if you cant think of anything by this time, thank you Jesus that its close to summer! Because I absolutely love the summer.

Well there’s my little tip for you today. You don’t really want to be in a bad mood and we don’t want you to be either. So be happy and be thankful. Yay.


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