Doing My Best Partnered With God’s Best

I just listened to a podcast today, so I’m just processing my thoughts. I’m a person who loves to think a lot and figure out the best way to do things. The podcast was about being self empowering and pursuing things.

It made me think of how often I forget to ask God how to do the practical things in life. He’s my dad and loves to give advice. I know that when someone asks me for advice I am not hesitant to give it. How much more does a dad love when his kids come to him for help. I think he loves when we want to pursue something and ask him what he thinks is the best way to do it. I’ve been in a journey for a couple years of leaning how to move from a servant and worker for God to a partner WITH God.

It’s hard to change that mindset because for whatever reason I think a lot of us think that if we have a desire for something “outside” of typical “Christianity”, such as starting a business, going into acting or entertainment, or coaching in the NFL, we think its not from God. A lot of the time we just wait for an angel to show up or the audible voice of God to tell us to do something. I think it’s great to wait on God, but when our waiting is passive it becomes a problem.

My mindset is becoming more “pursue your desires while being in relationship with God, because he’ll let you know if He wants you doing something else”. The biggest issue, I think, is people seeing God as being angry and controlling, and if we take one step in the “wrong” direction we will get punished. I am beginning to think that we have more choices in life than most of us think. I believe God loves to watch us make choices and talk through them with us. It really is all about a relationship. And relationships take at least two people.

So here is what I am thinking. I’m learning to keep a balance in how I walk with God in life. In my life I want to pursue my dreams and desires and also build character. I want to gain knowledge and wisdom, manage myself and learn self control, and increase in my skills and abilities. I want to do these things in the natural; I believe God created us in a way that we learn and get better at things. I absolutely love that process. I also want to remember that God is God. He’s the biggest person in the universe. He does supernatural things and can orchestrate anything any way he wants. He can change anything in a moment. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are for Him.

With those things, my goal is to do the most I can (unless God tells me otherwise) and, at the same time, believe that God will come up big for me as well. And in doing that, I am learning to build my skills and character that partners wit God’s unlimited knowledge and power.


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