What Do You Like About Yourself?

From my experience, I’ve learned when you truly love yourself, you will naturally love others much better. Some of us need to get permission for this. So, here’s to you: It’s okay to enjoy who you are. It’s okay to like yourself.

Is there a chance that you’ll be prideful in this? Yes. But guess what. You can work on that when that comes. And when you are loving yourself like God loves you, and wants you to love who He created you to be, the overflow of that will naturally be to love others. So if there’s a bunch of pride that comes out of it, I would most likely say that there is something a little off. We always have to work on our pride issues. But loving ourselves rightly should help us along the way.

I just know what I’ve found from my own life experience of learning to love myself and I would like to put my opinion out there – that I believe loving yourself really helps with a whole list of issues that you are probably dealing with.

To practically apply this today, I made a list of things I liked about myself. I enjoy making lists (especially when it helps me discover myself). It creates an atmosphere of thanksgiving in my heart. I would suggest making a list about yourself. You can make it as creative and detailed as you want to be.

You might write things like:

I like that I’m hot.

I’m super good looking & extremely fit.

Everyone wants to be my friend.

I sing like Beyonce.

Now I’m not saying that I just took some specific things off of my own list that is right in front of me, but I just wanted to help get you started.

P.S. Did you know that laughter is good for you?


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