Hey There Dreamers

Guys, I’m so excited where I’m at in life. I just want to share a little of my own personal place instead of giving advice – which probably is not true – I still can’t stop myself from sharing advice, because I want to see all of you thrive in life.

I have been in a season of transition in my life. To be honest, I have been enjoying just about every moment of it. I’m learning so much about God and about myself. I’m learning that I get to partner with God in life. Sometimes He tells me what to do and where to go, and there are times when I get to choose those things. This season is one of those times. At first I didn’t like when He gave me a choice. I thought I would get it wrong or disappoint Him. I got over that – for the most part. And now I love to tell God my ideas. Cause I think I have some dang good ideas. It was Him that created me after all.

Learning that I have the power to make decisions has been a huge change in mindset for me. I always thought that I was only going to fulfill God’s desires in my life, but I’m finding that He has put desires in my heart also. I absolutely love being creative, writing, and film-making (and lots of other things). I can’t explain how excited I get while coming up with ideas. I have felt guilty that if I went after those things God would be upset with me because I was taking my eyes off Him. But I’ve found the opposite is true. I’m finding more and more of His character in myself as I pursue these. I understand why He loves to create. I’m learning that I get to have fun and dream WITH Him as I do these things. I’m understanding He put those in me on purpose, and He loves watching me pursue them passionately.

So go after your dreams. And don’t stop.


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