Let’s Be Real

Today I had a lot on my mind and was actually worrying about money – which is weird cause I just FINISHED PAYING OFF MY LOANS! Let’s all have a moment of silence…Thank you. It’s strange, because when I was paying off loans I wasn’t really worried about money very often. But now that I’ve finished paying them off, I started worrying about not having enough or spending too much or doing too many things with it. So all this was running through my mind this morning – mostly cause I was thinking ahead to where I have about three trips I’m making in the next three weeks.

I got in the car and closed my eyes and God reminded me that part of this this anxiety was because I was so busy that I hadn’t gotten much time with Him in the past few days. Not only that – but I hadn’t really been sharing every part of my heart with God. Sometimes we forget the most basic parts of our lives with God when we’ve had a relationship for a while. One of the most important things that He taught me in the beginning of deepening my relationship with Him was to just tell Him exactly what was on my heart. Not something filtered that I have thought through to sound “spiritual”, but something that was raw and real.

So I told Papa my worries. I told Him exactly how I felt. I told Him I needed help. He reminded me that He’s my Father, and I don’t have to have everything under control and figured out. He just wants me to be myself and have  a relationship with Him. That’s all. He just wants me to share my feelings and my thoughts. As soon as I shared all these things with Him, all the thoughts and worries went away. He also reminded me of all the answers to money He’s been providing me with over the past couple months. It’s funny how we forget those things in the midst of our worry.

To sum up, just be yourself and talk to God. Be real. He already knows everything. Plus these parts of our heart are the things we want to talk about anyway. You don’t always have to talk to Him about the bible or “spiritual” things. He doesn’t want spiritual robots. Maybe, just to break off the religiousness, talk to God about your favorite food – or tell Him a joke. Let’s be real – He likes you and just wants to be with you. Jesus said it Himself (John 17:24).


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