Becoming A Man – Purposeful

Ugh. I hate passivity. It’s one of my least favorite things. We were not made to just float through life. I want men to wake up and start living the lives they were created to live. We get so trapped into boredom. Sitting on a couch staring at a screen. Literally pushing a bunch of buttons for hours. I’m not saying that movies or video games are bad. I love movies – I’m a filmmaker. But this occurs every day for hours. I’ve lived in that place before. I’m so passionate in the fight against passivity. We’ve heard about passivity in men before – so that is why I’m going to stop here and talk about our purpose.

I am so excited for men to rise up and take a stand against passivity. There are so many dreams in each one of our hearts waiting to be pursued. I love being with guys that are passionate about what they do. I get around someone that loves to build and all I want to do is build something with my bare hands. Even when someone is crazy about gardening makes me want to buy some peppers and plant them in the ground. Something about a passionate person catches my heart on fire and inspires me to do the things that are on my heart. We all have these different desires in our heart to do something great. We might not have a huge crowd, but that’s not the point. We need to raise our expectations of what we can go after. It’s not all about accomplishment, it’s more about the pursuit. So let me share some things that are on my heart to be and do, and maybe you’ll be inspired to go out and pursue your dreams. I’m working on vulnerability, so I’ll grab a few things from my journal. That’s a little scary to share.

I want to become a man of truth that loves well. I want to pursue God wholeheartedly for the rest of my life. I want to always be passionate. I want to be a man that cries because of love. I want my dreams to exceed the plausible. I don’t want to settle for less. I want to write at least one book, direct a film, and record a CD. I want to teach people about the real person, Jesus. I want to get married to an amazing woman who loves Jesus more than anything (I am really excited about this one). I want to encourage people to live out their dreams. I want to live in a way that, when people are around me, they can’t help but be passionate about Jesus.

We were created for so much more than we are experiencing. We only are on earth for a short time. Let’s just go for it.


2 thoughts on “Becoming A Man – Purposeful

  1. Do it man. Never be afraid to try and fail. Never be afraid of dreaming and praying with a sense of expectation of what God might do.

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