Becoming A Man – Initiative


Verb: Cause (a process or action) to begin: “initiate discussions”.

Synonyms: start – begin – commence – institute – open – lead off

Well, this is the big one that I’m learning right now. In the past I have not been great at initiating. I was someone who just went with the flow. Some people need to learn that too. But most of us need to learn to initiate. Whether it’s in pursuing a girl, a friendship, or making a change in our lives – this is so important. I’ve learned that not everything changes if I just wait it out and hope for the best. I can’t just sit around wanting to start a business and hope it falls into my lap – unless that’s how God wants it to happen. I won’t suddenly love a person better by not doing changing anything in the way I relate to them. This is the biggest part of my life that I am learning to intentionally initiate change.

I recently read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. Loving someone is all about initiating – because we won’t always feel it. It’s so fun to learn people’s love languages and learn to love them through those ways. It’s also really hard for me because I’m not always comfortable loving people in the way they want to be loved. One of my primary love languages is words of affirmation – so that’s usually pretty easy for me to love people who have that one. But when it comes to physical touch, sometimes it’s awkward for me to touch them when I’m talking to them or sit really close to them.

I have been getting better at initiating in my friendships and relationships and it has helped so much. It’s working a muscle in me that hasn’t been worked out very much. We all want to be pursued in friendship and by people that we look up to. We just have to learn the other side of it and be the one who pursues.

I challenge you to man up and be an initiator. Especially if you are pursuing a relationship with a girl you’re interested in. They like being pursued. That’s a whole blog post in itself – maybe a whole series.


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