Becoming A Man – Humility

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. -Philippians 2:3

Oh my goodness. I was terrified of humility. Absolutely terrified. This was just a couple years ago. I didn’t trust God. I didn’t know how He felt about me. I’m still learning how He feels about me. I had a desire to be humble, but I was terrified of asking God to give me a humble heart. I thought that if I asked God to make me humble he was going to humiliate me. I thought he was going to embarrass me in front of people. I thought this is where I would learn humility. So in order to avoid this happening, I tried very hard to not be noticed for things – like my sense of humor, my achievements, or anything that would make me feel good about myself – and didn’t want to get any recognition for anything because I didn’t want to have any pride. It sounds crazy writing it now – but I was afraid to do anything that would make me be liked and noticed by people. I was toning down who I was to have “humility”. Wow, that’s a stressful way to live.

A good father will do  everything they can to protect their children. They would never want to embarrass their child in front of anyone. If our fathers on earth would protect us, how much more will God protect us?

Becoming a man means we must be humble. What is humility? I’m still learning. To me it is being willing to learn from others – especially people we don’t always agree with. Humility is sometimes withholding your opinion. Humility doesn’t mean that we don’t use power or authority. Humility is using our power and authority for the benefit of others. Humility is not thinking badly about yourself. Humility isn’t a lack of confidence. It’s seeing ourselves as God sees us. When we see ourselves as God sees us, we can count others more significant than ourselves and honor them more effectively. When we feel loved, we love much better. And God doesn’t humiliate us. He likes us a lot and is full of mercy. So knowing this, we are able to voluntarily humble ourselves – not because we are afraid, but because we are powerful.


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