Becoming A Man – Commitment

This is a such an exciting season for me. I’m learning so much from God. My Father in heaven is teaching me what it means to be a man. There are times when He teaches me subtly – where I see it days, weeks, or months later – producing a deep work inside my heart. And there are times where He speaks so clearly and wants to make it obvious. I’m going to try my best to continue a series of lessons that God is teaching me in becoming a man (very ironic that the first one is about following through).

1. Commitment

In the past (and I’m still working on it) I have been known to be someone who is really good at coming up with ideas and starting things. I love lists, brainstorming, designing, and the whole creative process beforehand. I like coming up with the grandiose creations. I was born to be fascinated and to be filled with awe. I can’t say the same for the follow through and finishing part. I sucked at following through with those lists that I’ve created. Good thing I have a patient Papa who pursues me and delighted to teach me. I’ve been able to come up with ideas and slowly finishing and pursuing more and more of them as the days go by.

The one area that God is teaching me to be committed in is spending time with Him every day. Especially when I don’t feel like it. And there are many excuses that I come up with – I have to get food, watch a tv show, edit my video projects, text a friend… anything to not sit there and talk with God. But, I have gotten much better at making a choice and following through what I’ve felt He has spoken to me on spending time with him. And it’s worth it every time. My heart is much more tender to God and other people. I am much more at peace. I love so much better when I spend time with the best lover of people.

Becoming a man means that you have to learn how to make commitments and learn to keep them. You can’t live by feelings – because I guarantee that you won’t feel like doing things all the time. I have to make clear that emotions are a good thing though (I’ll save that for another time). It comes down to making a conscious choice to follow through. And be at peace, because there’s always mercy when you don’t do it right.


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