Pride & Confidence

I know I’ve kinda posted about this idea before – but I keep coming back to it – cause it’s is one of the things God is teaching me right now. It’s been an experience learning the differences about confidence and pride. I’ve come to the conclusion that you can distinguish them based on the fruit that they each produce.

Pride brings you back to yourself. Confidence brings you to love other people. I find that when I am satisfied and confident in who I am, I am less critical of others, I genuinely want to help others get to this same place because it’s so great, and I enjoy serving much more. The one practical that I would suggest is every day stop and say, “God really likes me, A LOT.” It’s weird and awkward, but it’s helped me a ton. When you love yourself, you are much more successful in loving others. You get to enjoy life a little bit more.


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