Short & Sweet

I promise I didn’t leave you. I’m still here. I have just been really busy.

There are so many things rolling around in my brain right now – which is good – I just have to choose one to put into words.

One idea is that I am going to write much shorter posts, but update this more often. I like short & sweet. A light serving for your day.

I would say that when it gets down to it – we all have similar thoughts, worries, and desires. Everyone wants to be known. Everyone desires to be fully known – in all of our insecurities, faults, and fears. We want to be loved for everything that we are, everything that is inside of us, everything that makes us up. We’re all afraid of letting down the walls that are hiding our insecurities and tender places. It’s easy to have walls. It’s better to have doors, opening to the genuine and beautiful places of our tender hearts. These are the places people want to see most, and these are the places we most want them to know.


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