Love Being You

I’m chilling out here in Arizona right now. It’s been a great week playing shuffle board, bocce ball, and hanging out with the old people of Sun City West. So I’ve wanted to write a blog while I’m out here, but just haven’t figure out what to write – until now.

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about who I am and who I was created to be. And I’m coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t have to look similar to anyone else. I’m starting to love myself more and more (much of the time – there are days when I still get discouraged or insecure) – and not in a prideful way. I wrote a blog a while back about confidence being okay that you should check out if you haven’t read it. Anyway, I am beginning to learn the way I relate to people, how I share Jesus with people, the things I enjoy doing, what music I listen to, and so on.

I’m learning that it’s okay to be completely different than the people around you. I felt guilty that I didn’t share the gospel the same way other people did, or I didn’t spend my time doing the things that they were spending their time with. I’m becoming more confident in the way that God speaks to me and the things that he is asking me to do. So what I guess I’m trying to say is – it’s okay that your daily life looks completely different than someone else. It’s really hard with people who you admire or people that you think are doing more productive or more excellent things than you.

I give you permission to be smart, funny, creative, sensitive, and passionate. Be who you were created to be. You were made like that on purpose. It’s refreshing to see people who are different and unique – people who have their own opinions. I like people that are confident in being themselves – other people are attracted to that. You could change lives in a huge way just being who you were created to be. I would love it if you were fully yourself. I’m speaking to myself also. Why are we afraid of being vulnerable if that’s what we all really want? We hate superficial. We were not accidentally made that way. I guess I’m just sick of surface level stuff.

Well it’s late. I like to get my thoughts out at night – that way I write what I’m really thinking (mostly). I’m still working on being more vulnerable. So goodnight.

Be yourself, please. I would really like that.


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