Grace Empowers

A few weeks ago, I felt like God was asking me which of His characteristics would I like to know. So I decided I would ask Him to reveal His kindness and goodness. He good every second, every hour, every day. He is never not good.

I’m experiencing the amazing grace that He gives. There has been this part of me that doesn’t feel worthy of His grace. I feel that if I experience His grace and allow myself to feel good, that will somehow make me go to the extreme side of grace where I will just do whatever I want and not care about sin, and eventually will be living in deception.

That’s not true. Ha, it’s such a funny thought. This thing has been keeping me from experiencing a deep joy that Jesus has been trying to give to me. It’s shut down a part of me where I’m afraid that my emotions will run my life. I’m afraid of being a person who preaches grace “too much”. Can someone answer me – how can you preach on a part of God too much? I want to talk about a the characteristics of a person that I really like. In many places, preaching grace has meant that you don’t believe sin matters anymore. The message of obedience and the message of grace shouldn’t contradict each other. Grace should empower you to obey.¬†Experiencing the kindness of God leads us to repentance. Knowing and experiencing that God is good makes you want to obey Him.

So, what I’m discovering is that the way I’m going to live out God’s commandments and the way Jesus lived is to understand God’s heart for me. It’s so refreshing. This morning I felt Jesus was telling me that when I know I’m important to Him, and that He cares about what’s important to me – this is when I will lay down my life. And living out His commandments aren’t burdensome.

Experience the love of Jesus towards you, and you won’t be able to live any other way.


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