I just love the way God created people.The different personalities, characteristics, and desires in hearts get me so excited for the Church to unite more and more. Not only in individual people is this true, but also in different churches across the country. In one place, you will see a heart for evangelism. Another will have extraordinary talents in the arts and music. One will have a passion to see healing and miracles. These are all part of Jesus’ heart, because He was the one who created these people. These things don’t just appear out of nothing. I’m so excited for all of these people to unite and change the world. I can’t wait until the desire for excellence and the passion to be with Jesus join together and burst forth as His beautiful bride. We’re living in the most exciting time!

I have a desire to call out the best in people. I want them to know their gifts and talents and be able to confidently display them. I love it when people know who they are. I love seeing when people don’t hold back. Can we start loving who we are? I long for people to shine brightly, reflecting the Glory of the creator of the universe. Let’s stop looking at people and finding the things they are doing wrong. We do that more than enough. Let’s stop comparing. Let’s encourage people in the things they are doing well. Let’s love with kindness, patience, humility, and selflessness. We’re all broken. We need each other. Let’s just ask Jesus how He wants us to love, and we’ll do that.

Be loved by Jesus. Love who we are. Love Jesus. Love other people.


1 thought on “Love

  1. The second half of this spoke perfectly with what I ranted about on my blog, AND put a desire in me to just see myself as Jesus does, and to see others the way He sees them too. Thanks Josh!

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