Loving for the Purpose of Love

God has been doing deep work in my heart these past few weeks. He’s taking me back to the place where I am putting Him above my own agenda. I’m learning to give Him control over my time and plans. Our relationship is coming back to a place where I love Him for the sole purpose of loving Him. A place where I love loving Him.

Slowly over time, my relationship with God has drifted into always doing and accomplishing and creating checklists. Let me first say, those aren’t bad things within themselves, but it becomes a problem when our checklist comes before the Living God Himself. I would sit down and spend time with Jesus, but then I would remember my 3 chapters in the bible that I would have to read, then I would remember the 5 people I had to pray for during that day, then I would have to remember to thank Him for 10 things, and so on. Then I would be done with my time with God for the day. I would go into my time with God and not even set my attention of a real, living person. My agenda became more important than just being with Him. My agenda started to become a replacement for the Holy Spirit. I wanted to be in control of how much time I spent with God and when that happened.

Jesus is taking me back to the simplicity of being with Him. He’s teaching me to be. When I do less, I will do more. The Holy Spirit misses us being with Him. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day, just look at Him and talk with Him. Don’t just throw up words. Acknowledge that He is real. It will be exceedingly more beneficial than a checklist. And there is no condemnation in Christ. All days and hours in the past are done and gone. His mercies are new every morning.


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